Ben Stokes always plays to win. Already one of the greatest players of all time, @benstokes38 is on a mission to make test cricket more exciting.

Ahead of the release of his Amazon Prime documentary, Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes, the England cricketer talks to GQ about his break from the sport and what to expect from him as captain.

The sequence of events documented in Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes may leave you wondering how he’s still standing. In the film, he opens up about his arrest, the murder of Stokes' would-be elder half-siblings and later his father's cancer diagnosis.

"Whether we're batting or bowling, my job is to make sure we're always entertaining." –– @benstokes38

"People say I have a tough guy image because of my tattoos. Yeah – I am tough." –– @benstokes38

"It's stronger to say how you really feel than hide behind bravado." –– @benstokes38

With @benstokes38 at the helm England #Cricket has gone from strength to strength, now to see one of our greatest players on stage & hear about his meteoric rise to Captain of the England  team in 4CAST ICONS Ben Stokes Live!