Get better experience with these 6 new features of Gmail

Gmail is incredibly useful whether you use it for your personal or work needs. Learning as many of its features will make your life way easier. Here are the top hidden features that users need to know.


Did you know that if you act fast enough, you can take back emails you've already sent? If you've been paying attention when you send emails, you may have seen the big "Undo" button in the list of messages you sent.

Change how emails are shown

The majority of Yahoo mail users who switch to Gmail have one common technicality. Gmail displays fewer emails per scroll than Yahoo Mail.


Many email addresses always have a full stop at the end, but did you know that Gmail doesn't read full stops in your email address? As far as Gmail is concerned, that's the same as g.m.ail.enth.usi.a.st@gmail.com and gmailenthusiast@gmail.com.

Activate the Reading Pane

With Gmail’s Reading Pane feature, you could read your emails without having to click each one and navigate back to your inbox every time.


This feature isn't as hard to find as others on this list, but it is still criminally underused. Snoozing emails is a feature of Gmail for people who like to put things off or are too busy to check their email as soon as it comes in.

Schedule Emails at any time

All emails are sent as soon as you click the Send button. On the other hand, Gmail allows you to schedule your emails to be sent later. With email scheduling, you can specify a future date or time for Gmail to send your email. However, this feature is limited in that you can only schedule one email at a time.


When you turn on Reading Pane, your inbox is divided into two parts. On one side, your list of emails will be shown; on the other, the email you clicked on will be shown. You can also choose where the Reading Pane will show up. It can be to the right of or under the inbox.

Snooze less important emails

With Gmail, you can snooze an email to hide it from your inbox temporarily. Gmail allows you to choose when snoozed emails will reappear. You could choose your own time and date to when to snooze the emails.

Undo your angry emails to your boss

The email was always perceived as permanent. It used to be impossible to undo once you sent it. Back then, you could be certain that your boss would read your angry email the next time he opened his inbox. This is, thankfully, no longer the case with Gmail's Undo Send feature.